2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy.

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During the whole 2012 we are celebrating the International Year of Sustainable Energy, an innitiative which aims to integrate any individual or group actions that contribute to the sustainable development of mankind and the compromise of its future.

Natural Project joins in this commemoration. Energy is a necessary source of coexistence and survival, so that the goal is to get a more efficient energy avoiding pollution at the same time, it is essential for the future progress.

Thus, the use of renewable energy will be an essential contribution to increase the efficiency on energy production and a mean to promote the introduction of systems that ease the general use and development in disadvantaged areas, and so, creating further savings in infraestructure and buying resources.

Energy self-sufficiency in urban and/or isolated areas as a solution to the ordinary waste and high energy cost. Natural Project works in these initiatives everyday by analysing the most feasible and advisable options for each customer, always in a sustainable and committed spirit.

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