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Energy solutions tailored to each customer.

Natural Project is committed to improve efficiency in order to obtain greater savings.

The company perform an exhaustive study of needs based on energy usage records, the current challenge and the future one to offer the most appropriate option from a global perspective.

A personal and professional service that offers the best advice.


Dimensioning, key in the strategy of Natural Project. It always meet the needs of each project and the characteristics of each customer.

As a result, all budgets are made previous dimension of energy needs, so that the client always obtain the most suitable energy solution to the demands and the installation.


Turnkey energy proposals. Natural Project carries out a full installation service from a global and professional perspective.

Installations with the maximum guarantee of quality, safe and with a high degree of efficiency. Planned and appropriate to each situation, always with the premise of avoiding alterations to the initial use and in order to increase more than the comfort and well-being of the customer after service.


Maintenance and development of electric and renewable installations; both, own or external. Natural Project analyzes and check previously the installation, defining its characteristics and offering the most profitable proposal of maintenance.


Natural Project deals directly with its customers energy grants that are promoted and given by each region.

After the study of each case and the issuance of each budget, Natural Project provides all the information concerning grants and timely so that the client can benefit from all opportunities and existing options offered in their region.


Financing conditions according to each approach, valuing the different possibilities once the preliminary study of the project or the analysis of the installation are made.

The most appropriate financing depending on the situation, client and specific objectives.

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Natural Project makes available different promotions to their customers in order to promote the saving and energy sustainability. By means of the installation of high efficiency equipments with renewable energy, it is possible to reach profitable results as well as enviromental.

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