Geothermal Energy: the most profitable energy and the best energy option for air-conditioning/HVAC

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Geothermal Energy, one of the least known renewable energy and whose installation is being considered as an important saving source for those homes since it does not require any fossil energy to produce heat in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year, with a minimum maintenance.

Between 60% and 80% energy savings for your home.

If we analyse statistically the generic consumption in a housing, most of the cost is found in its air-conditioning.

Thus, to get the lowest energy waste means the highest advantage in our whole consumption. Geothermal energy is introduced as the best choice in renewable energy and and the most appropriate when you need to cover a high energy demand.

In the case of geothermal energy, energy production is constant throughout the year, taking into account both essential advantages, not to depend on atmospheric agents and not to require gas or oil consumption. Besides, needing a minimum installation maintenance.

At the level of initial investment, the cost is higher because of the need for ground movements, horizontal or vertical. However, there are several lines of financing that facilitate its implementation and also, taking into account that the long-term savings will mark a future of profitability in our consumption.

Through Geothermal energy we obtain energy savings between 60% and 80%, a remarkable aspect taking into account the initial graph which shows us that the highest energy waste in a home is located in air-conditioning and hot water.

Por todo ello, consideramos la geotermia la energía renovable que resulta más rentable.

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